This is the result of the past two days of work on a new terrain generator.  Not really sure where this is going, I mainly did it just to see how much of an improvement I can make from the last one.  Each chunk is 16x16x 256 blocks.  They generate in around 750 milliseconds, which is much better than the old engine which could only generate a 16x16x16 chunk in more than one second.  This is a 20x20 chunk section showing the features of the engine.  As the third picture shows, first a 2D noise is generated with a low amplitude, then some spongy 3D noise is generated over that, then another 2D noise same as the first but with a higher amplitude is generated to cap off the 3D terrain.  This leaves you with shallow lakes,high mountains with overhanging cliffs and giant caves, and floating islands.

I was going to try to smooth it, but I couldn’t figure out a good way to do that efficiently without checking every single block and it’s surroundings.  Oh, this was generated in about 5 minutes.  It could have generated much quicker (about 2 minutes maybe) but I had to insert a 1 second pause between each chunk load to let GM catch back up so it wouldn’t crash.

By the way, yes those numbers on the GUI are real.  I really am getting about 30FPS with over 2.8 million triangles being drawn at once.  Pretty impressive GM, pretty impressive.